Children's Ministry

What To Expect On Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings at Christ Church Kerrville are designed with children in mind. We love to have children in the service, and consider no sound better than the rustling around of little ones in the pews.  Children are welcome in the worship service at all times.

During the sermon, we offer Wiggle and Worship, a place for children from infancy up to early elementary grades. Children in Wiggle and Worship will have a short Bible story and a song, and time to play. Volunteer staff will care for your children during this time. Children return to the service for the Lord's Supper. We do this so that children may begin to learn the rhythms of the worship service at Christ Church.

Should you feel the need to take your child out, the Wiggle and Worship room is always available for parents to sit with their child.

What To Expect Throughout the Year

Our aim throughout the ministry year is to attend to our children through biblical instruction and care on Sundays, fostering community connection with people of all ages. As a young church with ministries still developing, we have established and will focus on growing a ministry that equips children to grow in the Lord for a lifetime of faithful dependence and service to Jesus Christ.

With that in mind, we are committed to:

  • Providing a safe environment for children to come in contact with the gospel and know more of Jesus.
  • Providing safe, responsible care alleviating any concerns parents might have about the well-being of children at church.
  • Nurturing our children as members of the covenant community and teaching them that they are a vital part of the church.

What To Expect of Our Ministry

The Children’s Ministry at Christ Church Presbyterian is designed to equip and partner with families as they seek to invest in the spiritual wholeness of their children. The Kingdom of God values children as those most vulnerable in our midst. We, in turn, value the role of children in our community and are committed to cultivating an environment where they feel known, love and respected.

First, we recognize that there is much to be learned from children. Jesus holds them forth as an example of how grown-ups are called to live in the Kingdom of God, and we strive to take that instruction seriously. Grown-ups do well to notice and embrace children’s sense of wonder, their enthusiasm, their questions, their weakness, their dependency and their simple faith. We also take seriously the call to instruct children in the faith. Christian parents are entrusted with this instruction, and the entire community is entrusted with children’s nurture and admonition.

Running through the narrative of Scripture is the reality that the Christian faith is not given for the individual alone, but “for you and your children.” We are called not only to “keep our soul diligently” in the gospel, but also to “make it know to our children and children’s children…” (Deut. 4:9) Ours is a faith to be taught, modeled and passed on, and God has chosen to work through families as a primary means of doing so. When the Kingdom advances, it does so with children in mind as “the promise, which is for you and your children and everyone who is far off…” (Acts 2:42ff) Such investment and instruction results in a life in which one is made “wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.” (II Tim. 3:15)

To that end, at Christ Church Kerrville we strive to build a community in which not only are children instructed and cared for, but also listened to, included, and fully integrated into our life together. Our hope is to draw children into an engaging, enjoyable, and provocative encounter with the gospel using language familiar to them. We encourage them to learn to ask good questions in the discovery of who they are, who God is, and what His gospel is all about. Our hope is that their lives would be shaped dramatically by this gospel for the sake of transforming their families, schools, and neighborhoods.

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