Our Story

Our story begins, as most stories of new churches do, with the longings of local Christians who prayed that the Lord would see fit to begin a new church in Kerrville, for His glory and for the good of the city. Those prayers were answered and affirmed through the wider community of the Church - the support and connection with individual Christians from around the world, sister churches out of state (especially Christ the King in Cambridge, MA), as well as local churches (especially Christ Presbyterian New Braunfels, Trinity Boerne and Redeemer San Antonio), our regional church-planting network (the Southwest Church Planting Network), the South Texas Presbytery, and our denomination (the Presbyterian Church in America).

All of these were unified in praying together and providing strategic and material support as they started the search for a new pastor to come to Kerrville and lead this new work. In the spring of 2012 , Rev. John Standridge accepted the call to come from Cambridge, MA to Kerrville, TX to serve as the planting pastor and begin the work of planting Christ Church Presbyterian. He and his family moved to the community in late summer 2012.

This new mission church started holding regular gatherings in August 2012, with the goal of building a worshipping community that will bless our community in word and deed. Our beginnings are slow and deliberate, as we are convinced that there is wisdom in taking the time to listen to and love our neighbors as we pray, discern, and contemplate how to begin a church that exists not for ourselves only, but for the city of Kerrville. On May 26, 2013, we started having public worship services. Our hope is that our service would be a place where, first and foremost, God is worshiped, honored, and glorified.

We gather with the conviction that He has called us by His grace, assured us that He will be especially present and powerful in the midst of His Church, enabling us more and more to die to self and live for Him. To that end, we understand that gathering for worship does not take the place of yet another one of our many activities which increasingly busy our lives, but instead stands at the center of life. With the worship f God at the center, we are helped not only understand and live life more fully, but usher in a totally new way of living with Jesus Christ at the center. "Worship" then becomes something larger than a discrete activity that one takes time out for once a week, but, by God's grace it becomes the dominant paradigm through which all of life is lived. It is that Christ-empowered orientation to life that Christians are privileged to enjoy, as a start on that fullness of life that will be enjoyed without interruption in the presence of Jesus Himself. This is the "abundant life" that Jesus promises His followers. In short, at the heart of our worship services - our chief aim - is enjoyment of God through Jesus Christ. God promises this enjoyment through His appointed "means of grace" - fellowship, prayer, song, preaching, and the sacraments.

It should be noted that we expect, as a normal and beneficial, that our services would be populated by Christians and non-Christians alike; by the believing and the skeptical; those who are doing well and those who are struggling. At the center of the gospel of Jesus Christ is hospitality - God's welcome extended in Jesus Christ. We want that welcome to be reflected in all of our activities, especially as those who once did not believe, but received God's welcome by grace. All are welcome to attend, to bring your questions, your skepticism, your troubles. We gather not as good people, but as God's people - those who have been called by His grace.

As a relatively new church, our church is entirely full of newcomers. Not only that, we always remind ourselves that there are no "insiders" in the Kingdom of God. No one occupies a place of privilege. Christ alone is pre-eminent. In the spirit of the welcome we have received from Him, it is our determination to extend the honor to those who are new and curious. Our hope is that no matter who you are, whether you know what the word "Presbyterian" means or not, you will give us the honor of coming to see what the Lord is doing among us.

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